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This 2 days trip combines two amazing activities around the Andes in Ecuador: Pasochoa climbing and Horseback Riding all with a comfortable one night stay at Hostería Papagayo!

The extinct volcano of Pasochoa 4,199m is one of the best places to see the famous Andean Condor. The climb offers spectacular views to the mighty Cotopaxi and  other surrounding volcanoes.Iinside the crater of Pasochoa you can see the last remnants of primary Andean forest. This is a perfect first hike for those who are new to altitude or those who are beginning an acclimatization program. Nonetheless you should stay two days before the tour in Quito or a similar altitude (around 3000m) if you live in an old altidute place.

Our horseback riding tour is a fantastic way to experience the atmosphere of the Andes and gain views of the volcanoes. We offer well-trained and cared for horses which are ideal for novice to expert riders.

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  1. Quito